Our Response to Jesus

Sep 10, 2023    Dustin Daniels

Today, Matthew provides two more miracles for us to witness. The interesting thing about these miracles is that Matt is the only one who writes about them. The other Gospel writers don’t. These particular miracles don’t have any details. As we’ll find out—Matthew only reports the facts. So one of the questions we must ask ourselves is, “What’s Matthew telling us?” The short answer is that Matt seems to want us to focus on the response to the miracles rather than the miracles themselves. Matthew is not downplaying the miracles—after all, a miracle is a miracle. If what Jesus was doing were normal—they would be called “normalcals.” So at the end of today’s story, we’ll see how the crowds respond one way, and the Pharisees respond another way. Who’s right and who’s wrong? More importantly, how are you going to respond today?