Careers @ River Bible!

Is God tugging on your heart to serve the Kingdom of God in the Verde Valley? We are looking for people who are poor in spirit, who have mourned over their sin, humbled to meekness, famished for God's righteousness and long to fulfill the Great Commission.

If so, we have the following positions available below! Positions are bi-vocational.

Lead musician

Consistent with Romans 12:9-15, Ephesians 4:11-12, Psalm 150:1-5 and Hebrews 2:10-12 and in conjunction with the Pastor and leaders, the Music Leader is responsible for overseeing, stewarding and leading the church’s music ministry, entrusted to him by God, as he directs the weekly praise and worship practices of River Bible Church.

Spiritual Responsibilities
The Music Leader shall:
  1. Have a saving and personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Seek to be a role model in attitude, speech and actions in a consistent daily walk with Jesus Christ.
  3. Show by example the importance of Bible study, prayer, witnessing, and Christian fellowship.
  4. Maintain a vibrant prayer life.

Practical Responsibilities
  1. Plan, coordinate and arrange music and creative content for church services.
  2. Oversee the recruitment, mentoring and equipping of all music team members.
  3. Attend music team meetings.
  4. Attend weekly congregational prayer meetings.
  5. Attend weekly Bible studies and/or events.
  6. Unreservedly affirm RBC’s Statement of Faith.
  7. Be active Members of RBC.

The Music Leader shall:
  1. Have a strong background in music and or music theory.
  2. Possess strong written, verbal, organizational and leadership skills.
  3. Possess excellent people skills and a friendly demeanor.
  4. Possess strong computer skills.
  5. Background check required.

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