The Irony of Jesus Barabbas

Nov 28, 2021    Dustin Daniels

Even though Jesus was born in Bethlehm, Jesus’ home base for ministry was in Galilee.

So Pilate sends Jesus to King Herod because Galilee is Herod’s jurisdiction.

Herod also finds Jesus innocent and sends Him back to Pilate.

Now Pilate has an even bigger problem on his hands.

The Sanhedrin (Jewish Supreme Court) is working themselves into a frenzy because the politicians are taking too long.

They are turning into an angry mob demanding that Pilate judge and condemn Jesus of Nazareth to death via crucifixion.

Then all of a sudden, Pilate had an idea that would get him out of this mess.

What was the idea?

Today we meet another new character—and if you thought Pilate was shady…well, you're in for a real treat today!

Because we’re going to meet a man named Barabbas.

Who is this man? And why do you care?